Kristen Stewart sex scandal

Kristen Stewart's Mom Feels Guilty About Snow White Role 2

Kristen Stewart’s Mom Feels Guilty About Snow White Role

Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules Stewart is taking some of the heat for her daughter’s decision to take a lead role in the big budget film, “Snow White and the Huntsman,’ and now feels somewhat guilty about the scandalous consequences. The film brought Stewart and Snow White Director Rupert Sanders together....
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Robert Pattinson: No Kristen Stewart Talk on Jon Stewart

Robert Pattinson was nervous, awkward and clearing had no plans to discuss Kristen Stewart outside of a feeble attempt at a joke during his appearance on the Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" on Comedy Central. Stewart made a little play on the scandal by bringing out some ice cream and as Pattinson to have a man-to-man talk. But the joke didn't loosen Rob's lips....
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One Direction’s Harry Styles Joins Kristen Stewart Homewrecker Club

Move over Kristen Stewart. UK Boy bander Harry Styles has joined the homewreckers club. Lucy Horobin, the DJ who enjoyed a fling with the One Direction singer is reportedly heading for a divorce. Stewart had an on-set affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders, who is married with two children. His wife, UK model Liberty Ross threw him out of the house. Likewise, Stewart’s boyfriend of four years, “Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson, also walked out....
Kristen Stewart: Swayed to Cheat by Racy 'On the Road' Role? 4

Kristen Stewart: Swayed to Cheat by Racy ‘On the Road’ Role?

Kristen Stewart’s life may be imitating art. Her sex scandal with a 41-year-old married man has some parallels with her racy character in her new movie “On the Road.” Just check out the new trailer. The movie also stars Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Terrence Howard, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedland....
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Robert Pattinson Set to Talk on TV; Is Kristen Stewart on Agenda?

Robert Pattinson will come out of hiding for the first time since Kristen Stewart’s sex scandal… whether he likes it or not. He’s set to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to talk about upcoming film “Cosmopolis.” Will he talk Kristen? Don’t bet on it. Rob has been extremely private about his personal affairs ever since “Twilight” launched him into the stratosphere....