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Perri 'Pebbles ' Reid Sues Viacom Over Portrayal in TLC Movie (video) 2

Perri ‘Pebbles ‘ Reid Sues Viacom Over Portrayal in TLC Movie (video)

Perri “Pebbles” Reid, the founder of the hit ’90s R&B group TLC is suing Viacom in federal court for defamation over her portrayal in a movie about the group. She claims it makes her out to be “a conniving and dishonest business woman.” The lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in Atlanta, seeks more than $40 million in compensatory and punitive damages from the cable network. At issue is a movie “Crazysexycool: The TLC Story,” that aired on Viacom’s cable network VH1 last year....
Britney Spears Shows New Sign of Stress: Nasty Psoriasis Outbreak  6

Britney Spears Shows New Sign of Stress: Nasty Psoriasis Outbreak

Britney Spears is showing another devastating sign that her stress level may be off the scale. She was spotted with a nasty psoriasis outbreak on her ankles while she posed for photos at an “X Factor” after party in Los Angeles. Spears reportedly has been a nervous wreck behind-the-scenes on the musical reality show, where she serves as a judge with Demi Lovato, music mogul L.A. Reid and show creator Simon Cowell. Psoriasis is genetically related autoimmune disease. Although it’s origin is unknown, it usually flares when an individual is feeling overly stressed or anxious. Those conditions pull down a body’s immune system, triggering an outbreak....
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Britney Spears Reportedly Teeters on the Brink on X-Factor

Britney Spears is reportedly a nervous wreck behind-the-scenes on her musical reality show “X-Factor.” Only fellow Judge Demi Lovato is keeping her from being overwhelmed by her insecurities and paranoia, according to a new report. Spears’ mental health has been a question mark since a meltdown in 2007 landed her in rehab and under the thumb of her father. On the show, she looks like a cutout paper doll and her facial expressions suggest she is so tightly wound she could explode in tears at any minute....
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Rihanna Wraps Seventh Studio Album; Is She Being Exploited?

Rihanna has wrapped up her seventh studio album, Unapologetic in seven years, an amazing pace that raises questions about whether she’s being overworked and possibly exploited by her label, headed by rapper Jay-Z. The 24-year-old pop and R&B singer is definitely one of the hottest acts in music and a virtual cash cow. She’s been working almost non-stop since she was 17, despite some health issues and a lot of emotional baggage following her 2009 assault by then boyfriend Chris Brown....
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Britney Spears, Demi Lovato Turn X-Factor Into Freak Show

the second season premiere of “The X-Factor.” Show creator Simon Cowell got just what he hoped for by picking music’s two of the biggest head cases to be judges. With television now saturated by musical and variety talent shows, Cowell has smartly, in an evil genius sort of way, re-positioned “The X-Factor to appeal to the lowest common denominator among viewers. Now, the show is no longer about contestants, but about how the judges react to the contestants. “American Idol” tried to tone down the more tawdry aspects of the talent show after Simon left....
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Justin Bieber, Boy Band 'One Direction' Collaborating!

Justin Bieber apparently realizes if you can't beat them, join them... the latest boy bands, that is. The teen sensation is collaborating with One Direction, the hot UK boy toys managed by music mogul Simon Cowell. The Irish and British lads, culled from Simon Cowell's UK show "X-Factor," sang their hit “What Makes you Beautiful” on the Kids Choice Awards show April 1 and took the place by storm. Katy Perry, Ashley Tisdale and Victoria Justice were groovin' on the kids. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez also danced and knew the words to their song....
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Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger X-Out in X Factor Bloodbath

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are paying the price for a less-than-stellar inaugural season for Simon Cowell’s U.S. version of “X-Factor,” the widely popular UK music talent show. X-Factor host Steve Jones is also out, but that comes as no surprise given his spotty performance during Season One. Cowell’s show stumbled in its premiere season, with controversy over judges and Jones widely panned by critics....
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