Lana Del Rey nude

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Lana Del Rey as Close to Naked as Possible in GQ (13 photos!)

Lana Del Rey takes her game to a new level with a stunning photo spread in the British edition of GQ magazine, which proclaimed her “Woman of the Year.” It’s huge leap for someone who was an unknown a year ago, but Lana exudes 100 megawatt star power. Del Rey gets as close to naked as possible in shoot by Mariano Vivanco that mixes sexuality with glamour and just a hint of decadence. Del Rey, 26, never varies from her signature pout and her luscious lips are heightened by deep red lipstick and her dark brunette hair. ...
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Lana Del Rey Totally Bare for British GQ Woman of Year (photo!)

Lana Del Rey is making huge inroads as a fashion icon, but for her latest turn, this time, in men’s fashion magazine, she’s totally naked. The Singer poses for the cover of British GQ’s “Man of the Year” issue. While Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Grant, has been only lukewarmly received in the United States, she’s on fire in Europe. Fashion editors can’t get enough of her or her retro look....