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Justin Bieber Raps (Sheesh) on Maejor Ali 'Lolly' Video (watch!) 2

Justin Bieber Raps (Sheesh) on Maejor Ali ‘Lolly’ Video (watch!)

Justin Bieber shows up shirtless (yes, he’s rapping again!) in Maejor Ali’s video for his new song “Lolly,” also featuring Juicy J. It makes Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” sound angelic compared to the misogyny and sexual objectification in this song. Of course, gossip sites that were so critical of Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards performance are gushing over this tribute to bling and booty and sexual exploitation. Of course, there’s no mistaking what they mean by “Lolly."...
Justin Bieber Raps (Sheesh) on Maejor Ali 'Lolly' Video (watch!) 4

Beyonce Pulled Into Crowd by Shirtless Fan in Brazil (watch!)

Beyoncé learned the perils of getting a little too close to fans when she was grabbed by a shirtless man and pulled briefly from the small platform where she was performing during a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A security guard quickly moved in. He grabbed the 32-year-old singer by the arm and pulled her back on stage. Beyonce quickly stood up and continued performing. ...