Lil Wayne

Selena Gomez Hated!? Pharrell a Sewer Rat? Time for Mean Tweets!

Selena Gomez hated? John Legend cries after sex? Pharell a sewer rat? Those were just some of the mean tweets that celebrities read aloud last night on Jimmy Kimmel in another hilarious addition of “Mean Tweets.” Here’s our favorite. It was directed a country singer Brad Paisley. “I don’t know your music, because I don’t drive a pickup and I don’t sleep with my sister.”...

Lil’ Wayne Cavorted With Nicki Minaj Before Seizure (watch!)

Lil’ Wayne has been released by Cedars-Sinai Hospital after apparently recovering enough from what ever sent him to the intensive care unit for almost a week. He is supposed to complete his recovery at home, but you know how that goes. Nicki Minaj released a video today from her upcoming “High School” music video that showed her goofing around with Wayne. ...
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Kanye West Cruel Summer Leaks; Raps Mitt Romney (listen)

Kanye West has thrown his hat in the political ring with new song “To The World” off the highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music compilation. He damns Republican Mitt Romney. Or is he praising him? Check out the album. The song, which also features R. Kelly is about Kanye’s favorite subject. No not women… money. He wants to be like Mitt, "pay no taxes." Listen to the album here....
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Justin Bieber Gets in Ring With Floyd Mayweather (watch!)

Justin Bieber ramped up his hip-hop lifestyle, joining the entourage of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bieber was joined by rappers 50-cent, and Lil Wayne. To be honest, the Biebs looked slightly overwhelmed. The 18-year-old singer was put to good use, however. He was one of the champ’s belt boys. He got to carry two of Mayweather’s championship belts into the ring....
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