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Lily Allen Upstaged at UK's V Festival By Her Peek-a-Boob Jumpsuit (pics!) 2

Lily Allen Upstaged at UK’s V Festival By Her Peek-a-Boob Jumpsuit (pics!)

Lily Allen mesmerized the crowd at the V Festival in Chelmsford, England, but it was only party because of her singing. As she pranced on stage, her breasts kept popping out of her jumpsuit. Allen, 29, has a reputation for being casual about exposing herself. She seemed totally oblivious to the intense scrutiny she was receiving as she put on an energetic show. But her silver jumpsuit, unzipped to her waist, was causing a commotion. ...
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UK Singer Lily Allen in Hospital; Infection Potentially Fatal

UK Singer Lily Allen, who only days ago lost her baby in a miscarriage, has been rushed to the hospital suffering from septiceamia, a potentially fatal infection of the blood, according to reports out of the UK. If left untreated, the bacterial blood condition can develop into septic shock....