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Tyra Banks Embroiled in Lawsuit Over Alleged Insults on America's Got Talent 2

Tyra Banks Embroiled in Lawsuit Over Alleged Insults on America’s Got Talent

Tyra Banks is embroiled in a nasty lawsuit filed by the parents of an America’s Got Talent contestants whose daughter was allegedly left “traumatized” and “humiliated” by the supermodel’s putdowns following their performance. The plaintiffs were identified only as Jane Doe and husband John Doe. But both have show business backgrounds She’s a singer-songwriter and he’s a guitarist, producer and recording engineer. ...
Chris Brown Probation Revoked; Here's How He Stepped Over the Line 4

Chris Brown Probation Revoked; Here’s How He Stepped Over the Line

Chris Brown doesn’t go looking for trouble but it sure seems to find him. As a result, he’s facing a possible stiff jail sentence after violating his five-year probation stemming from his felony assault of Rihanna in 2009. Brown, 25, got the bad news today (Jan. 15) in a probation hearing before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin. The judge said he was troubled by several issues contained in Brown’s latest probation report. Chief among them, is a night club shooting Jan. 11 in San Jose, Calif., during a Brown performance....