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Jennifer Lopez Nippletastic in New Complex Magazine (9 Photos!) 4

Jennifer Lopez Nippletastic in New Complex Magazine (9 Photos!)

Jennifer Lopez has struck out five times in the love department, she reveals in a new interview, but not because of her hot looks. Even at 45, she shouldn't have a problem meeting her next amore… no matter what his age. “I remember a couple of years back every actress on the cover of the September [fashion magazine] issues was over 40, because each one of them had a big film coming out. It was me, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston."...
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Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Boy Toy in Dance Again Video (watch!)

Jennifer Lopez seemed to have no touble generating heat her boy toy lover Casper Smart on the dance floor in a tease of her new “Dance Again” video–even though he is 20 years younger than her. The stunning 42-year-old singer and actress gave a glimpse of some of her dance moves with Smart, whom she plucked from obscurity following the break up of her seven-year marriage to singer Marc Anthony....
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Jennifer Lopez Looks Hot Man Sexy in Boxer Shorts (photos!)

Jennifer Lopez looks like she’s ready to knock someone’s block off in a sexy, tough girl photo spread for V magazine. The 42-year-old singer has never looked better. Who wouldn’t want to take a punch in the gut from her? Lopez created a sensation at last week’s 84th Academy Awards when she appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction while presenting an award on stage....