Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber Never Dished Up DNA for Baby Mama Test, Lawyer Says

Justin Bieber confidently blew off claims last year that he fathered a child after a backstage tryst with Mariah Yeater and claimed he took a DNA test to prove it. Only he didn’t, countered the Chicago lawyer who represents the San Diego woman. WTF? Yeater made shocking headlines a year ago this month by claiming Bieber was the father of her baby son Trystin. She sued to establish paternity in court until lawyer Jeffery Leving stepped into the case....

Selena Gomez Stood by Her Man in Justin Bieber Baby Scandal

Selena Gomez apparently never had second thoughts about whether boyfriend Justin Bieber had fathered a child as a result of a backstage tryst with San Diego woman Mariah Yeater. At least that’s how Justin tells it. The scandal broke last November when Yeater filed a paternity suit seeking to determine whether Bieber was the father of her infant son....

Justin Bieber Reaches Out to Single Moms, Oh the Irony!

Justin Bieber has a Mother’s Day surprise. He’s planning to release a new single “Turn To You” as a tribute to his mother. Proceeds from sales will help single mother’s in need. Does he have a special single mother in mind? Bieber’s grand gesture to donate the proceeds of his record to single mothers in need, is especially ironic because of one single mother in particular....
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Justin Bieber's Bizarre Mariah Yeater Tweet; Why Now? (listen)

Justin Bieber has waaay too much time on his hands. In what he called a “RANDOM TWITTER HOUR” he actually shouted out to his alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater. Why bring her up now, since it’s been months since the case made headlines? The Bieber Tweet is getting lost of interpretations on the Internet. The most widely reported is that he is taunting the 21-year-old San Diego woman for filing a false paternity claim against him....
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