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Dancing With the Stars: Not Always the Best Survive (video!) 6

Dancing With the Stars: Not Always the Best Survive (video!)

Christina Milian and Mark Ballas proved once again that reality contest shows like ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” are often decided by popularity, not skill. If that wasn’t true, they would still be competing for the mirror ball. But in the first really shocking turn of Season 17, Milan and Ballas were voted off the show, even though they scored their first “10″ on for their fiery cha cha last night....
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Katherine Jenkins Emotional Waltz Wows Dancing With Stars (watch)

Katherine Jenkins gave one of the most emotional performances ever on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” in an amazing waltz with pro partner Mark Ballas. She brought tears to the eyes of many with the tribute to her late father. The show was dedicated to memorable times in each contestant’s life and Jenkins, the overall leader, chose to honor her late father Selwyn Jenkins, who died of lung cancer in 1996 at age 70....
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Dancing With Stars Season 14 Has-Beens, Wannabes Line Up!

Singer Gladys Knight and Disney Channel actor Roshon Fegan represent the extremes of age among the new Dancing with the Stars cast. She's 67 and he's 20. Everyone else falls in between, and for once the contestants look like a tight group with lots of potential. The 14th season won't be burdened by obvious clods like Kate Gosselin or Bristol Palin. Both had little talent and big fan bases that kept them on the show way past their time....