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Robert Pattinson's Golden Globes Moment Was All Amanda (watch!) 2

Robert Pattinson’s Golden Globes Moment Was All Amanda (watch!)

Robert Pattinson and Amanda Seyfried made a stunning couple as Golden Globes presenters, but the hunky “Twilight” star was reduced to eye-candy. Amanda did most of the talking, while Rob just looked gorgeous. The nominees for their category, best screenplay, were “Zero Dark Thirty,’s” Mark Boal, “Lincoln’d Tony Kushner, “Silver Linings Playbook’s David O. Russell, Django Unchained’s Quentin Tarantino and “Argo’s Chris Terrio....
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Hollywood Activists Zero In on ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Torture Scene

Martin Sheen and Ed Asner, the liberal conscious of Hollywood, have joined the protest against Kathryn Bigelow’s film “Zero Dark Thirty,” for the way it portrays torture in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Actor David Clennon began the campaign urging other Academy members to boycott the film in the Best Picture category....