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Kanye West Proves He's an Ass, Again: Pronounces Bill Cosby Innocent! 2

Kanye West Proves He’s an Ass, Again: Pronounces Bill Cosby Innocent!

Just when it seemed Kanye West had finally proved he really is a smart, level-headed guy, he goes and makes an ass of himself, again. The rapper Tweeted yesterday that in his esteemed estimation Bill Cosby is innocent of sex assault allegations made by more than 50 women. Wonder what wifey Kim Kardashian thinks of that? Maybe it will be an episode on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”...
Bill Cosby Exhibits the Deepest Case of Denial in History (watch!) 4

Bill Cosby Exhibits the Deepest Case of Denial in History (watch!)

Bill Cosby skated over accusations he sexually assaulted more than 40 women over his decades-long career today (May 15) in his first interview since allegations overwhelmed previous denials through his lawyers. He said his message not his personal life was the most important.Cosby, 77, was hit by an avalanche of accusations as women, one-by-one, came forward to tell their harrowing experiences. The alleged assaults all fit a pattern. Cosby would gain his alleged victim’s confidence and slip her a drug in a drink....
Bill Cosby Hit With New Charges as Two More Women Go Public 6

Bill Cosby Hit With New Charges as Two More Women Go Public

Bill Cosby may go down in history, not as a beloved comedian, but as the most prolific serial rapist of all time after two more women came forward and accused him of sexual assaults that occurred during his long career in television, movies and on stage. The victims, actress Lili Bernard and screen writer Sammie Mays, went public today (May 1), bringing the total number of alleged victims to more than 40, according to reports....
Bill Cosby: Time to Admit His Sex Addiction, Seek Rehab for His Illness 8

Bill Cosby: Time to Admit His Sex Addiction, Seek Rehab for His Illness

Bill Cosby’s daughter Evin Cosby is the latest to rally around her dad and every word she says is probably true. But it’s time for Cosby to admit he has a sexual addiction and enter into rehab to come to grips with what he did and why. Evin Cosby, 38, said in a statement released today (Dec. 16) that her dad “is the father you thought you knew.” Her comments come on the heels of mom Camille Cosby’s similar defense of the comedian who said her husband was very much like the character he played in his hit sitcom “The Cosby Show.”...
Bill Cosby Accusers Continue to Surface as His Lawyer Pleads 'Enough' 10

Bill Cosby Accusers Continue to Surface as His Lawyer Pleads ‘Enough’

Meanwhile, Cosby’s celebrity lawyer, Martin Singer, blasted the media and said the parade of accusers had “escalated past the point of absurdity.” But Hurd’s allegations may be the most damning yet. While Cosby played America’s most lovable dad in front of the cameras, he was busy behind the scenes make advances, touching women inappropriately and, in one case, drugging an actress at his home....
Celebrities Lash Out at Google Over Nude Hacking Scandal Photos 12

Celebrities Lash Out at Google Over Nude Hacking Scandal Photos

More than a dozen Hollywood actresses and other celebrities have hired mad-dog celebrity lawyer Marty Singer and are threatening to sue Google for making available on its service hundreds of nude photos stolen by hackers. The giant search engine was put on notice of a potential lawsuit in a letter that charges Google with “despicable and reprehensible” conduct. The celebrities are not named, but such celebs as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kate Bosworth, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett Johansson have seen their nude photos go viral....
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‘Storage Wars’ Latest Reality TV Show Rocked by Fraud Charges

David Hester was a star on the A&E hit show “Storage Wars” until he uncovered what he believed was fraud involving the show. Then he was fired; now he’s suing, and he’s got heavyweight Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer in his corner. Singer is more often associated with representing establishment types and studios, but this time he fronting for the underdog. Hester is seeking $3.75 million. Okay, that could be one reason. The defendants in the case are A&E which airs the show and Original Productions, which produces it,” according to
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John Travolta Gay Sex Assault Lid Blows Off Case Again

John Travolta's John Does are apparently revamping their legal strategy now that Hollywood super lawyer Gloria Allred has stepped into the case. It looks like more trouble for the Grease star. In a series of legal maneuvers, John Doe No. 2 fired his attorney Okorie Okorocha and took steps to withdraw his federal lawsuit after hiring Allred....
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John Travolta Pecker Still in a Pickle Over Gay Sex Assault Case

John Travolta's John Doe woes won't go away. Hot shot feminist lawyer Gloria Allred is now repping the first John Doe, while yet another John Doe made new allegations of sexual impropriety involving the actor. The 58-year-old actor's lawyer Marty Singer had declared victory in the civil sex assault lawsuits after Doe No. 1 dropped his case, and Doe No.2 agreed to private litigation...
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John Travolta Dodges Another Bullet in Gay Sex Assault Case

John Travolta, who has been raked over the coals over allegations he engaged in lurid sexual assaults against two male masseurs, has dodged another bullet. His first accuser has dropped the lawsuit against him. Whether that means the accuser could find another lawyer to represent him, or Travolta quietly settled it on the side will never be known, unless the man, identified only as John Doe No. 1 comes forward....
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John Travolta Wins Gay Sex Case Even If He Loses in Court

John Travolta has won his sex case against John Doe No. 2, even if he ultimately loses before a judge. All parties have agreed to resolve the matter behind closed doors, and the details will remain private. The move suggests that the Atlanta-based masseur who filed a civil suit charging the actor with sexual assault has a case, or at least enough credible details to damage what's left of Travolta's reputation....
John Travolta Long Known to be Gay in Hollywood, Actress Says 14

John Travolta Long Known to be Gay in Hollywood, Actress Says

John Travolta’s long-time friend said today it’s been an open secret for years in Hollywood that the Grease star is gay and she urged him to finally come to grips with it. But that’s not the only surprise twist. The John Doe who launched latest scandal over Travolta’s sexual habits has been dropped by lawyer Okorie Okorocha, who is handling cases for men who claim they were sexually assaulted by the actor....
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Is John Travolta Becoming Tiger Woods of Gay Sex?

John Travolta is fast becoming the Tiger Woods of gay sex. Yet another man, the third so far, has come forward and claimed the “Grease” actor accosted him in 2009 while he was working on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Fabian Zanzi, a Chilean-born employee, was responsible for VIP guests on the cruise ship when he met Travolta, he told South American news website
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John Travolta Blows Off Gay Sex Scandal Allegations

John Travolta has issued a categorical, flat-out denial of new allegations contained in a second lawsuit that claim he tried to force a male masseur into performing gay sex acts during an in-room massage. Through his Hollywood lawyer, Marty Singer, the actor has called “absurd and fictional” allegations he “grabbed his genitals and masturbated” during a massage on Jan. 28 at a resort hotel in Atlanta, Ga....