Mary Kennedy abuse

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Mary Richardson Kennedy Death Takes Macabre Turn

Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who committed suicide in May, has found no rest. Her body has been dug up and moved from the Kennedy grave site to a remote location in the cemetery. The move, ordered by Robert Kennedy Jr., fueled a wave of speculation that Mary’s burial among other Kennedy’s in the storied St Francis Xavier Cemetery in Hyannis was merely for show. But Bobby moved quickly to dispel that rumor....
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Robert Kennedy Jr Slammed for 'Vindictive Lies' About Wife

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s claims that estranged wife Mary Richard Kennedy conducted a reign of terror during their marriage are "vindictive lies," according to Mary's family members. Kennedy made the allegations in seal court papers, which were examined by Newsweek magazine. The family called the filings a "brutal psychological weapon" in the divorce....
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Robert F Kennedy Jr Makes Shocking Spousal Abuse Claims

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has detailed a long-list of incidents in secret court papers, claiming he was a victim of abuse at the hands of his estranged wife Mary Richardson Kennedy. And so where the children. The stunning revelations come in an extensive article about Mary Richard’s descent into suicide in Newsweek magazine....