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Horrific New York City Cab Crash Raises Safety Questions (video) 2

Horrific New York City Cab Crash Raises Safety Questions (video)

A horrific crash involving a New York City cab that injured a bicyclist and severed a pedestrian’s foot raises fresh questions about the competence and training of drivers behind one of the most ubiquitous vehicles on Manhattan streets. I know. I was involved in more than one incident involving a taxi cab as an avid bicyclist and as a motorist, including a hit-and-run accident. A taxi-cab driver ran a stop sign and sideswiped my car, then brazenly drove off when he saw me getting out of my car. Most New Yorkers have their own horror stories, tell them below in the comment section. ...
Mayor Bloomberg's Sugary, Supersize Drink Ban Turns Sour 4

Mayor Bloomberg’s Sugary, Supersize Drink Ban Turns Sour

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugary supersized drinks in larger than 16-ounce containers has been overturned by a New York Appeals court on constitutional grounds. The move is a major defeat in the mayor’s war on obesity. The four-judge appeals court panel ruled unanimously today (July 30) that the ban, imposed by the City’s Board of Health through an administrative rule, violated the U.S. Constitution’s provision detailing the separation of powers....
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NYC Marathon Canceled, But Marathoner Pride Lives On

The 2012 New York City Marathon may have been canceled following misguided public outrage, but marathoner pride is alive and well. Despite having sunk thousands of dollars into marathon-related expenses such as hotel, flight and related fees, large contingents of runners —notably from European countries such as Germany and Italy — took to Central Park early Saturday morning (11/3/12) to run. Not for a medal or prize money, but for national pride, and for the love of running. Central Park, which had been closed all week for cleanup after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the city, reopened at 8 a.m. ...
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NY Mayor Bloomberg Reverses Course, Cancels NYC Marathon

ew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called off the New York Marathon, bowing to political pressure and criticism that the race would divert city resources away from the Hurricane Sandy cleanup effort. But it will cause another financial blow to the already reeling city. Bloomberg wanted to move forward with the marathon because it was expected to generate $255 million in economic activity for the beleaguered city, which is losing tens of millions of dollars a day because of the hurricane. The mayor also wanted to marathon to go forward as a symbol of the city’s resiliency and a sign that it was quickly moving ahead to restore normalcy to the city....