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Mayor Bloomberg's Sugary, Supersize Drink Ban Turns Sour 2

Mayor Bloomberg’s Sugary, Supersize Drink Ban Turns Sour

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugary supersized drinks in larger than 16-ounce containers has been overturned by a New York Appeals court on constitutional grounds. The move is a major defeat in the mayor’s war on obesity. The four-judge appeals court panel ruled unanimously today (July 30) that the ban, imposed by the City’s Board of Health through an administrative rule, violated the U.S. Constitution’s provision detailing the separation of powers....
Anthony Weiner's Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already 4

Anthony Weiner’s Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already

Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal has provided some dicey diversion during an uneventful New York City summer, keeping gossip mills churning from Hamptons’ beaches to Katz’s deli. But really, enough is enough. Megalomania is so uncool. The pol doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Under different circumstances that might be a good thing. But not when it stems from a psychopathological disorder....
Sandy Delivers One-Two Punch; High Winds, Pounding Rain 8

Sandy Delivers One-Two Punch; High Winds, Pounding Rain

Hurricane Sandy is already causing major disruption in New York City area, even though it is still hours away from delivering the full one-two punch of pounding rain and high winds. Here’s the latest roundup. Fire Island and coastal areas of Long Island are being hard hit. Much of Fire Island has been flooded by 18 inches of water, or more. New York City’s Battery Park has also begun flooding....
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Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Too Risque for Kindergarten Kids?

Justin Bieber's teen love ballad "Baby" has been declared inappropriate to play at a kindergarten graduation ceremony in New York City The announcement was made by none other than Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The song was one of two that were proposed for the kiddie graduating class at PS 90 in Brooklyn. But Bloomberg nixed the idea amid a major controversy over song selection for the event....