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Madonna Lives La Dolce Vita in Turn Up Radio Video (watch!)

Madonna turns back time in a new video for her song “Turn Up The Radio.” She’s surrounded by men half her age and rides in a ’70s-era convertible across Italy. She’s obviously living La Dolce Vita. The 53-year-old singer is currently in Europe as part of her MDNA tour. She’s doing her best to be as provocative as ever....
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More Madonna Weirdness; Fears DNA Will be Stolen

Madonna is one of a kind and she wants to keep it that way. She reportedly is so worried about obsessive fans she orders minions to scour her dressing room after each show so her DNA can’t be stolen. Pop star eccentricities are well known and are often written into riders of concert contracts to make sure all whims are catered to. But this is the strangest request yet....

Madonna Panders for Attention By Flashing Breast in Turkey

Singer Madonna, who’s no stranger to courting controversy, is making headlines for having flashed her bare breast during a concert in Istanbul, Turkey last week. But at this point, is the Material Girl still edgy or merely desperate? Madonna, 53, has been a pop-music icon for 30 years, and has built a hugely successful career and global fan base by capitalizing on her sexuality and rebellious image. ...