Meghan Markle

How Oprah Winfrey Barely Avoided Major Dress Fail at Royal Wedding (Video!)

Oprah Winfrey was a standout at the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, but for all the wrong reasons–almost. The talk show host and television mogul was forced to change her dress at the last minute. Holy faux pas. The 64-year-old star had a last minute panic the day before the nuptials because she thought her beige dress for the big event could be mistaken for white....

Cara Delevingne Out With Royal Family, No Prince Harry Wedding Invite (Photos)

Cara Delevingne used to run in the same royal circles as a young Prince Harry and they share many friends. But the model and budding actress has all but acknowledged she won’t be attending Harry’s and Megan Markle’s royal wedding. “I’m going to spend the day with my friends all watching it from the morning. I think any celebration of love is incredible,” she says in a new interview. “I’m really happy that he found love,."...

See Who Prince Harry, Megan Markle Just Cut From Their Wedding Guest List

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to chop their potential wedding guest list, ruling out all world leaders, including former President Obama and anyone from the Donald Trump administration. That solves a sticky problem on this side of the Atlantic, but how the decision will play out in Europe is another matter. Slighting pols from the continent, the Middle East and former colonies could cause an international incident....
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