Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy Lampoons 'New' Sean Spicer on SNL: Hilarious! (watch!) 2

Melissa McCarthy Lampoons ‘New’ Sean Spicer on SNL: Hilarious! (watch!)

Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of White House spokesman Sean Spicer is already one for the record books. She hit another homer last night with a devastating smackdown of the new, “calmer” Trump mouthpiece on “Saturday Night Live.” McCarthy introduced the character on last week’s show in a surprise appearance. Kate McKinnon played Attorney General Jeff Sessions. ...
Kristen Wiig Slimed in 'Every Crack' in New Ghostbusters Trailer (watch!) 6

Kristen Wiig Slimed in ‘Every Crack’ in New Ghostbusters Trailer (watch!)

Kristen Wiig learns the hard way that getting slimed by a ghost is an all encompassing experience. “That stuff went everywhere,” she says in a new trailer for the upcoming reboot of the 1984 comedy classic “Ghostbusters.” “By the way, in every crack.” Ewww! Wiig stars in the all-female version of the movie with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, who are among the funniest women in show business. Too bad Amy Shumer couldn’t join the team....
Jennifer Garner, Hollywood A-Listers Turn to Commercials (video!) 8

Jennifer Garner, Hollywood A-Listers Turn to Commercials (video!)

Jennifer Garner is one of Hollywood’s A-listers who have suddenly began popping up in domestic television commercials, a line of work once thought to be the domain of Hollywood has-beens and obscure celebrities. She is currently shilling for Capital One, the credit card company that has been accused in the past of charging exorbitantly high interest rates. But she’s not alone. Another A-lister, Matthew McConaughey, who just won the Academy Award for best actor for his role in “The Dallas Buyers Club,” is currently appearing in domestic commercials for carmakers. ...
Amy Poehler Joins the Navy, That Is, 'Old Navy' Clothing Brand 10

Amy Poehler Joins the Navy, That Is, ‘Old Navy’ Clothing Brand

Amy Poehler, who cut her comedic teeth on “Saturday Night Live” and now stars on sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” is joining the Navy. Well, not the seagoing Navy, but Old Navy, the preppy clothing brand. Poehler follows another comedian, Melissa McCarthy, who appeared in ads during the kick-off of the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday shopping season, known as “Black Friday.”...
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