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Who Has Best Economic Policies? Ask CEOs, They're Backing Hillary Clinton 2

Who Has Best Economic Policies? Ask CEOs, They’re Backing Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has more endorsements from the nation’s top business leaders than Donald Trump, who has yet to win the support of one Fortune Top 100 chief executive. It’s not only a rejection of his business acumen but also his proposed economic policies. Trump has failed to win business backing even though he’s proposing a massive tax cut that will favor the very rich and corporations. ...
Anthony Weiner's Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already 4

Anthony Weiner’s Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already

Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal has provided some dicey diversion during an uneventful New York City summer, keeping gossip mills churning from Hamptons’ beaches to Katz’s deli. But really, enough is enough. Megalomania is so uncool. The pol doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Under different circumstances that might be a good thing. But not when it stems from a psychopathological disorder....
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Russell Simmons Off Key on Milk Ban in NYC Soda Debate

Rap mogul Russell Simmons has a thing against milk. He believes its contributing to the nation's obesity problem. But some health advocates would beg to differ and have new research to back up their view. Simmons made his views known in the debate over New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign to ban large soft-drink sizes....