Miley Cyrus Decisions

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Miley Cyrus Makes Risque Stage Return, First Time in Months (watch!)

Miley Cyrus took the stage for the first time in months at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood to sing with Israeli DJ Borgore. Miley, who’s dramatically changed in her look, was no country queen. She was a hard rock dominatrix. Miley, 19, surfaced last month as a featured artist in the dubstep artist’s raucous video for his song “Decisions.” Miley has been remaking her image, starting with a radical, short-cropped haircut that appeared even shorter last night. She embellished the look with a black halter top with splits that flashed her cleavage....
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Miley Cyrus Boldly Goes in New (Old) Music Direction (listen!)

Miley Cyrus has new hair and a new sound. She follows a well worn path into the world of electronic dance music in a collaboration with Israeli dubstep producer Borgore for a song called “Decisions.” Artists from Usher to Rihanna to Paris Hilton have experimented with the musical form with varying success....