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Miley Cyrus Raises Holy Hell with Anti-Jesus Tweet

Miley Cyrus may be undergoing a real change about her outlook on life, or she just doesn't realize the implications of what she Tweets. Either way, she's raising holy hell among some of her followers. Cyrus, 19, was raised as a born-again Christian and has always had plenty of praise for the Lord, even when her religion conflicts with her personal views....
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Miley Cyrus Debuts New Look; Older, Sleeker Hairdo (see)

Miley Cyrus was busy over the weekend, remaking her look. She had her hair cut into a slightly longer than chin-length style that makes her look older and sleeker. But not all her fans were approving. Miley, 19, who says she is all about experimenting, showed off her new look on Twitter over the weekend, and asked for her fans' opinions....