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Ariel Winter Reveals Breasts Trimmed to Manageable 34D Cup (photos) 2

Ariel Winter Reveals Breasts Trimmed to Manageable 34D Cup (photos)

Ariel Winter, the precocious teen daughter on the hit family comedy “Modern Family,” who was known for her “ample” proportions even as young teen, has taken the radical step–by Hollywood standards–to undergo a breast reduction. Apparently bigger isn’t always better in Tinseltown. Winter, who just turned 17 in January, revealed in a new interview that she swelled after puberty to a super voluptuous 32F bra size....
Modern Family Hottie Sarah Hyland a Reluctant Sex Symbol (photos!) 8

Modern Family Hottie Sarah Hyland a Reluctant Sex Symbol (photos!)

Sarah Hyland, the resident hottie on hilarious sitcom “Modern Family,” would rather be a role model than a sex symbol, but does a pretty good job at the latter in new photos for Complex magazine. It’s not that she has anything against sex, or being a sex symbol. She just realizes if you try to hard at it, you’ll only bring yourself down. “Sex has become so publicized,” the 22-year-old actress tells the magazine. “If you’re sexy to begin with, being a sex symbol comes with that....
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Emmy Comedy: Modern Family Makes it Threepeat; Jon Cryer Wins

Everyday life proved to be the best source of comedy, again, at least as portrayed on “Modern Family,” which won the Emmy for best comedy series for the third year in a row, while Julia Louis-Dreyfus helped prevent a sweep by winning best actress. Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen also won for best supporting actress and actress at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Jon Cryer won best actor for CBS's hit show, "Two and a Half Men," topping the show's star Ashton Kutcher , who replaced eight-season veteran Charlie Sheen....
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Sofia Vergara Defines Sultry Sexiness in Vanity Fair (photos)

Sofia Vergara, who plays a saucy suburban wife on the hit ABC show “Modern Family,” is sultry as a Hollywood siren in red lipstick and dark alluring eye makeup in the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Vergara, 39, a native of Colombia, exudes sexy insouciance wearing a strapless red silk playsuit on the cover with a cigarette in one hand and her legs at a jaunty angle....