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Joan Rivers Induced Coma a 'Last Ditch' Therapy; Mortality Rate High 2

Joan Rivers Induced Coma a ‘Last Ditch’ Therapy; Mortality Rate High

Joan Rivers is expected to undergo further medical treatment over the weekend that may include efforts to bring her out of a medically induced coma. But the prognosis is poor for someone her age, and the survival rate overall is not encouraging, according to an examination of several studies. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, West Virginia miner Randal McCloy Jr. and Mexican boxer Ruben Contreras, all were put in a medically induced comas following a brain injury wih varying degrees of success. ...
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Justin Bieber Suffers Head Injury During Stage Show (listen!)

Justin Bieber always seems to be one step ahead of himself, sometimes to his disadvantage. The singer suffered a head injury that caused him to pass out after a show in Paris, France. Doctors said he had suffered a concussion. The 18-year-old teen sensation was performing on stage, when he decided to take a break between songs. His mind definitely must have been on something else....