Donald Trump D'oh! Now NBC Won't Air Miss USA Over Immigrant Remark 2

Donald Trump D’oh! Now NBC Won’t Air Miss USA Over Immigrant Remark

Donald Trump is quickly becoming the Homor Simpson of presidential candidates after his remarks about Mexican immigrants, widely considered racist and insulting, prompted NBC to drop it’s planned coverage of the Miss USA Pageant next month. The Donald was unapologetic. Trump, 69, ignited a firestorm when he charged that Mexican immigrants, who often enter the country illegally, are “bringing drugs … they’re bringing crime … they’re rapists.”...
NBC to Matt Lauer: Can't Live With Ya, Can't Live Without Ya 4

NBC to Matt Lauer: Can’t Live With Ya, Can’t Live Without Ya

Matt Lauer and NBC are in a death waltz. With the “Today Show” in ruins and Matt the fall guy for Ann Curry’s botched departure, it seems like he ought to go. But NBC can’t let him. Then who does it have? Willie Geist? More like Willie Yikes!!! Instead, the network is doing everything it can to resuscitate Matt’s comatose reputation, hoping their Frankenstein will stop shedding his putrid skin....