New Miss America

Fox News Host Foments Racist Backlash to New Miss America

Nina Davuluri became the first American of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America in an unconventional year for the tradition-bound pageant, which saw its first tattooed contestant and first woman to compete with a knee brace. Predictably, Davuluri’s heritage sparked a series of racist responses on Twitter that have been getting the lion’s share of media attention....
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Mallory Hagan Exhibits Showgirl Moxie on Way to Miss America Win

Mallory Hagan, the new Miss America, is a plucky Brooklynite who performed a rousing Vegas showgirl routine and took a tough stand against guns on her way to capturing 92nd Miss America title. Hagan was irrepressible from the moment she introduced herself. Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers, was first runner up, and Miss Oklahoma, Alicia Clifton, was second runner up. Miss Wyoming, Lexie Madden and Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary, were the other top finalists....