New York City Mayor

Jon Stewart Returns, Learns Carlos Danger Running for Mayor

Jon Stewart was back in the anchor chair at Comedy Central, after a summer-long stint in the Middle East for a film project. He required a little cultural re-assimilation before catching up on the news. Yes, Carlos Danger really is running for New York City Mayor. John Oliver, who subbed for Stewart while he was off directing the Iranian political feature, “Rosewater,” had his hands full bringing Jon up to speed. First, though, he had to ween Stewart, who had gone native, of his Middle Eastern mannerisms....

Mayor Bloomberg’s Sugary, Supersize Drink Ban Turns Sour

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugary supersized drinks in larger than 16-ounce containers has been overturned by a New York Appeals court on constitutional grounds. The move is a major defeat in the mayor’s war on obesity. The four-judge appeals court panel ruled unanimously today (July 30) that the ban, imposed by the City’s Board of Health through an administrative rule, violated the U.S. Constitution’s provision detailing the separation of powers....

Anthony Weiner’s Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already

Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal has provided some dicey diversion during an uneventful New York City summer, keeping gossip mills churning from Hamptons’ beaches to Katz’s deli. But really, enough is enough. Megalomania is so uncool. The pol doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Under different circumstances that might be a good thing. But not when it stems from a psychopathological disorder....
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