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Nicki Minaj All Bust 'n Booty at iHeartRadio Festival (photos, video) 2

Nicki Minaj All Bust ‘n Booty at iHeartRadio Festival (photos, video)

Nicki Minaj, who can make a serious claim to be the queen of rap, put on a show at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas that was all bust and booty shaking with some wild crotch flashing tossed in for good measure. Not since the days of Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott in the 1990s has a female rapper commanded such attention and electrified crowds with her unique style… and assets. She was joined on stage by rising pop star Ariana Grande, who is trying to bolster her stage cred with some sexy moves of her own....
Lil' Wayne Cavorted With Nicki Minaj Before Seizure (watch!) 4

Lil’ Wayne Cavorted With Nicki Minaj Before Seizure (watch!)

Lil’ Wayne has been released by Cedars-Sinai Hospital after apparently recovering enough from what ever sent him to the intensive care unit for almost a week. He is supposed to complete his recovery at home, but you know how that goes. Nicki Minaj released a video today from her upcoming “High School” music video that showed her goofing around with Wayne. ...
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Nicki Minaj Kicks Off UK Tour With Wardrobe Nip Slip (watch!)

Nicki Minaj busted out on stage at the opening of her UK tour last night (Oct. 22). The rapper was hip-hopping so hard her breasts spilled out over the top of her dress. Luckily she was wearing pasties. Minaj has hit the road on her Pink Friday: Reloaded Tour and opened at the MEN Arena in Manchester to a packed audience. She was wearing skimpy black bustier and dancing up a storm when her breasts spilled over the top and flashed her flower-shaped pasties. The rapper took it all in stride....