Obama Administration

Postcard From the Edge: My Chat With ‘Patriot Movement’ Members (Video)

Like everyone else, I have been curious about what’s going on inside the heads of members of the so-called “Patriot Movement,” that band of brothers who believe they know more about the Constitution than anyone else and are ready to defend their believe with an armed rebellion. It’s not just Muslim extremists they’re worried about slipping into the country and causing havoc....

Arab Allies Ban ‘Noah;’ Will Obama Denounce Religious Intolerance?

Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, three key U.S. allies in the Middle East have all banned the upcoming Biblical film “Noah,” without drawing any rebuke from the Obama Administration for religious intolerance. The countries, which are all Muslim dominated, have outlawed the film, claiming “it contradicts the teachings of Islam.” The The film stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, Ray Winstone and Emma Watson. ...
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