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Tom Hanks Blackface Incident Spurs Right-Wing Outcry (video)

Tom Hanks, who just provided a stirring narrative for President Obama’s re-election video, showed a different side of his character at a tony private school attended by his children. He mocked racial diversity with a man wearing blackface makeup. Hanks, who has been Hollywood’s liberal conscience, wasn’t quite so politically correct way back in 2004 during a function at St. Matthew’s Parish School, in Pacific Palisades, Calif....
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Tom Hanks Adds Hollywood Gravitas to Obama Video (watch!)

Tom Hanks’ solemn voice leads off President Obama’s slick Hollywood produced video touting the accomplishments of his last four years in office. No wonder conservatives are crying foul at Hollywood. Now the full video has been released. Hanks, who has become a symbol of America’s virtue and patriotism after appearing in the 1998 film “Saving Private Ryan,” throws the full force of his personality behind the Obama re-election campaign....