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Kim Kardashian Memorial Visit Atones for 2011 Armenian Genocide Gaff

Kim Kardashian, who is of Armenian descent, appears to have finally studied up on her homeland’s bitter history. She visited an Armenian genocide memorial today (Apr. 10) in Yerevan, the nation’s capital, to pay homage to victims. It was a far cry from four years ago. Kardashian was brutally played in April 2011 when she appeared on the cover of the Turkish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. The move was widely interpreted as an effort by the Turkish government to minimize somber Remembrance Day, which recalls the Turkish genocide....
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Kim Kardashian Atones for Last Year’s Armenian Massacre Snafu

Kim Kardashian is speaking out on behalf of victims of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks in 1915. It seems like the least she could do after she was duped last year into appearing on a Turkish magazine on Genocide Remembrance Day. Kim, who is of Armenian descent, became an unwitting pawn in an effort to minimize attention for what's known to millions of Armenians as a day of national mourning....