Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Brother Conrad Hilton Wrist Slapped for Airline Outburst

Paris Hilton’s brother, Conrad Hughes Hilton the crass, over-bearing self-entitled scion of the Hilton hotel family, received a stern slap on the wrist today (June 16) for his five-mile-high rant on a flight from London to Los Angeles last July. Hilton, 21, could have faced up to six years in prison after he was initially charged with a felony assault. He ended up pleading guilty in March to a misdemeanor assault charge. ...

Paris Hilton Finally Has Claim to Fame: Says She ‘Made’ Kim Kardashian (see!)

Paris Hilton has been many things since she became famous for being famous at 16 as an heir to the Hilton Hotels fortune. But is she really the one who helped “inspire” Kim Kardashian? She says as much in a new interview, taking credit for launching the reality star. Hilton certainly has one claim to her credit. She ushered in the era of “celebutantes,” who are “famous-for-being-famous” by reason of their inherited wealth, family connections and outrageous behavior....

Paris Hilton’s Deadbeat Brother Convicted for British Airways Meltdown

Conrad Hughes Hilton, brother of celebrity socialite Paris Hilton and scion of the Hilton hotel family, could find his next accommodation in the county jail. He pleaded guilty yesterday (Mar. 3) to a misdemeanor assault charge stemming from a meltdown on a airline flight last year. In exchange for the plea, the charged was reduced from a felony, which could have meant serious jail time. The incident unfolded on a flight from London to Los Angeles last July. Hilton then 20, threatened flight attendants and passengers, including threatening to kill them....

Selena Gomez, Celebs Barrage Paris in Cleavage Baring Designs (photos!)

Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and UK model Cara Delevingne unleashed a virtual barrage of boobs today (Sept. 30) at Paris Fashion Week, wearing designs with eye-opening plunging necklines. The celebs made their revealing appearances at the CR Fashion Book Issue No 5: Launch Party, which marks the end of the week-long event. Selena was in Paris along with boyfriend Justin Bieber. But the pop singer made a bee-line for model and reality TV celebrity Kendall Jenner on Tuesday night....

Kate Upton, Celebs in Nude Photo Hack Share One Thing in Common

Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and by some counts more than 50 other well known celebrities who have been caught up in massive leak of personal nude or racy photos share one thing in common. They all apparently use iPhones. The, so far, anonymous hacker who leaked the photos to Web sharing sites was able to obtain so many images not from individual phone accounts. Rather, he or she, was able to hack into something known as the iCloud....

Kate Upton, a Creature of Social Media, Defines Selfie Era (photos)

Kate Upton hardly invented the “selfie,” no telling who did that. But she’s helped define it with her beyond breath-taking sexuality and her amazing sense of humor. No wonder everyone is doing what used to be the domain of self-promoting reality stars like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Tila Tequila. But now just about every media celebrity, musical artist, Young Hollywood starlet and high-fashion model is in on the trend....
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Kristen Stewart Calls Kim Kardashian Fake, Liar for Sex Tape

Kristen Stewart, who takes acting very seriously, slams people like Kim Kardashian who used sex tapes to become famous, calling them fakes and liars. Her harsh assessment is contained in a new interview in Interview magazine. She talks with Los Angeles film critic Elvis Mitchell about the craft of acting and why she is so reluctant to do media interviews....
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Miley Cyrus Up-Skirt: Exposes Herself in Dress Sans Panties

Miley Cyrus gave paparazzi the dream shot they’ve been waiting for since she became, a full-on flash of her private parts while wearing a short dress without panties. She was leaving a pilates class in Los Angeles. Only two days ago said she Tweeted that she was fed up with Los Angeles because of paparazzi. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Emma Watson and other stars have all been caught in the same pose....

Charlize Theron Joins Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Club (watch!)

Charlize Theron has a sex tape, just like sex-tape stars Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. But Charlize’s video is way kinkier. What’s up with that? “The Snow White and the Huntsman” star collaborated with the staff at comedy Web site Funny or Die to produce the so called sex tape. The site actually leaked a rumor on the internet that the star’s phone had been hacked....
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Mad Man Jon Hamm Rips Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton

Jon Hamm chases shallow women on his hit TV show “Mad Men,” but he has no patience for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton in real life. He’s the latest to slam the reality personalities. You wouldn’t believe what he said. Hamm, 40, calls both Kardashian and Hilton “fu*king idiots” and rips the “cult of celebrity” that has made them famous… and rich....
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