Peter Thiel

Tech Ghoul Peter Thiel Defanged By Gawker Media Legal Deal; Free Press Saved

Peter Thiel, the tech mogul who posed the biggest threat to a free press since the 1950s Red Scare, has officially been defanged by lawyers handling Gawker Media‘s bankruptcy case. He won’t be able to sink his teeth into Gawker or pull the same stunt he used to bring the Web site down. In a sweeping legal settlement, Thiel and his investment firm, Thiel Capital, agreed to absolve’s future owner of all legal liability as well as writers who have articles on the site....

Fox News Scrambling Furiously to Salvage Trump Shipwreck (see!)

The Donald Trump administration is a shipwreck, torpedoed by insiders who confirmed the worst about the new President. But at Fox News the band plays on, furiously trying to mitigate the damage and keep the president’s tattered reputation afloat. This time the damaged was caused, not be the fake news media, or left-wing activists. Instead, the very people Fox News has been hyping for months took the Trump, led by right-wing buccaneer Steve Bannon....

Gawker, a Pioneer of Internet Snark, Closing In Wake of Thiel Vendetta

Gawker, the Web site that pioneered Internet snark and grew into a major online player, is ceasing operations next week, a victim of a campaign of legal terrorism waged by gay Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel. It marks the beginning of a chilling chapter in online media. Thiel, who made his money launching PayPal and being an early investor in Facebook, waged a secret campaign against the site to punish owner and publisher Nick Denton. ...

Gawker, Slammed by Hulk Hogan Jury Verdict, Files for Bankruptcy

Gawker Media, owned by snark pioneer Nick Denton, filed for bankruptcy protection today (June 10) in the opening round of what likely will be a multi-pronged effort to prevent former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan from collecting a $140 million jury award against the company. The legal move, under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, will allow Gawker and its associated media properties to continue operating....
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