Pippa Middleton

Prince Harry Linked to Pippa; Tabloid Hits a New Low in Fake Reporting

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have been romantically linked in a sensational story in tabloid OK magazine. But it’s not OK. The article is baseless, despite attempting to gin up a connection. Instead, the tabloid hits a new low. Pippa’s only connection to royalty is through her sister Kate, who married Harry’s brother Prince William. So she’s Harry’s sister-in-law. Until the tabloid story broke today, the two have never been linked romantically....

Sacré Bleu! Pippa Faked Royal Wedding Rump, French Expert Says

Pippa Middleton’s rump was watched around the world when she held sister Kate Middleton’s long wedding dress train at her Royal Wedding to Prince William in Apr. 2011. But a French royal watcher today insisted she wore padding. In times past, disrespecting a relative of the royal family, well, so royally, may have triggered an Anglo-French war. But influential royal watcher Stephane Bern merely ignited a fusillade of speculation. Did she, or didn't she pad?...

Pippa Middleton Engagement Scoop Blows Up on UsWeekly

Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess Kate Middleton and one of the most desirable women in the world, was briefly off the market after a tabloid reported that she’d accepted a marriage proposal from boyfriend Nico Jackson. But it was not to be. Pippa and Nico are still hot and heavy, but a report of their engagement in tabloid UsWeekly was greatly exaggerated. As in, it didn’t happen....
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Kate Middleton Cousin Strips to God Save the Queen (watch!)

Future English Queen Kate Middleton has another randy family member. Cousin Katrina Darling, a burlesque dancer, stripped at a London club in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubliee. The music? God Save the Queen, of course. The Middleton’s are a randy bunch. Saucy Pippa Middleton recently embarrassed the crown when she turned up at a debauched birthday for a Paris playboy...
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Pippa Middleton's Decadent French Party on Video (watch!)

In what the French are calling le scandale Pippa, the future queen of England’s sister Pippa Middleton was captured on video at a decadent French birthday party attended by playboy millionaires where guests dressed like 16th Century Courtesans. Video of the lavish Marie Antoinette-themed party was posted on the Web site of French television channel Canal+....
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Pippa Middleton Snared in Paris Gun Scandal

Pippa Middleton, sister of the future queen of England, could be facing legal questions in Paris, after one of her companions in a car in which she was a passenger allegedly pointed a semi-automatic pistol at a photographer. Pippa, 27, the sister of Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was riding in the convertible in the middle of downtown Paris when the driver pulled out the gun....

Pippa Puts Downton Abbey Girls to Shame With New Beau

Middleton looks like she’s found her prince, or make that Earl. While America is enthralled by the antics Downtown Abbey’s fictional aristocracy, the future English queen’s sister is living it. She’s reportedly fallen hard for George Percy, heir to the title, Duke of Northumberland. He makes the Crawleys of Downton look thoroughly middle-class. His family owns a $500-million estate that includes towering Alnwick Castle. Harry Potter fans will recognize it as Hogwarts School. ...
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