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More Chris Brown Pre-Grammy Drama: Totals His Car 2

More Chris Brown Pre-Grammy Drama: Totals His Car

Chris Brown should stay inside with the shades drawn on the day before the Grammys. The trouble-prone singer reportedly demolished his car after an alleged run-in with a horde of paparazzi. On this day in 2009, Brown beat his then-girfriend Rihanna unconscious after the two became embroiled in an argument in his rented Lamborghini....
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Lindsay Lohan Almost Certain to Face Jail After New York Fracas (video)

Lindsay Lohan was hoping her star turn in “Liz & Dick would mark her comeback. Instead it may be her swan song. The star-crossed star could be facing six months to a year in jail after running up a string of criminal charges on top of her probation for felony theft. Lohan, 26, has skated criminal charges and jail time more than once for petty bad behavior and misdemeanor crimes. But it’s hard to see how she can avoid a stretch now. Lohan was arrested last night (Nov. 28) in New York City after she allegedly got into an altercation with another woman and struck her in the face. Police are still gathering evidence in the case, but still had probable cause to charge her with a third degree misdemeanor assault....