President Barack Obama

President Obama Hits Talk Show Circuit, Stops by Colbert Report (see!) 2

President Obama Hits Talk Show Circuit, Stops by Colbert Report (see!)

President Barack Obama proved that a politician could indeed do Stephen Cobert’s job after he dropped in on the Comedy Central talk show host, who was doing a special program from Washington, D.C. last night (Dec. 8). So how’d the president do? Just as Cobert was warming up to do his regular “The Word” feature, Obama entered from stage right. (Or was that left?) He took over the anchor chair and made a slight change to the presentation. Instead of calling it “The Word,” he called the segment “The Decree,” an obvious reference to his recent executive orders, which have raised the ire of Republicans....
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Chris Rock Shocker: He Wants a White President (watch!)

Chris Rock has a message for all the white people who are voting the color of their skin in the upcoming election; he wants a white President, too. But by his estimation the whitest candidate in the race is… Barack Obama. Say What? The acerbic comedian delivered a recorded message to white voters on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, explaining why white voters should be voting for the president....
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Obama Pit Bull Joke Bites at White House Press Dinner (watch!)

President Obama spared no one, including himself, during his White House Correspondents Dinner speech last night (Apr. 29), but there were a few awkward moments, especially when he joked about eating dogs. The audience seemed baffled and slightly taken aback when the president asked if they knew the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom. “The pitbull is delicious,” he said to nervous laughter...
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President Obama Slow Jams News on Jimmy Fallon (watch!)

President Obama, looking relaxed and confident, joked with Jimmy Fallon in a special broadcast from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus. Obama said he wanted to “slow jam the news,” although the headlines were far less humorous. The economy continues to flounder, Britain has officially slid back into recession and his administration is grappling with a Secret Service hooker scandal....
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