President Clinton

Suits Don’t Get It: Who Wants Monica Lewinsky or Trevor Noah on TV?

Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern who went down on Bill and played the pawn in a GOP impeachment attempt, has reportedly been offered a seat on “The View” by Barbara Walters, who should know better. What are TV suits thinking? It’s hard to see what Lewinsky can bring to the table other than her notoriety. It’s the second bone-headed idea in a week by television suits, who think they know what the public wants. Last week, Comedy Central announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show....

Colbert Report Ends, Not With Bang, But a Celebrity Sing-Along (watch!)

Stephen Colbert wrapped up his Comedy Central show, the “Colbert Report” with a sentimental sing-a-long by most of the celebrity guests who have appeared on the show over the years, starting off with colleague Jon Stewart and ending with former President Bill Clinton. The crowd included actors like James Franco and Bryan Cranston; media personalities like Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw, Ariana Huffington and Keith Olbermann, and performing artist like Cyndi Lauper, Barry Manilow and Willie Nelson....

President Obama Met Kanye West, Kim Kardashian on Election Politics!?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both claim to have met with President Obama two weeks ago and talked about midterm election politics, leading the celebrity duo to Tweet their support for Democratic candidates. Not that it did much good. How the President, who reportedly missed half his national security briefings and misjudged the ISIS threat, found time to meet with West and Kardashian is anyone’s guess. But he clearly must have been desperate. Did he actually think the celebrities could turn out the vote by tweeting to their vapid followers?...

Angelina Jolie Bows to UK Queen in Slap to American Democracy

Angelina Jolie was photographed bowing to British Queen Elizabeth II today (Oct. 10) after receiving an honorary royal award. But her bow before the monarch irked some patriotic American’s who consider it a slap to our democracy. The fledgling United States fought a war of independence against Great Britain in 1776, precisely to throw off the yoke of royal oppression symbolized by the bow. Thomas Jefferson ended the tradition of “bowing” by shaking hands when greeting people....
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