Presidential Campaign

Jeb Bush, GOP Candidates Launch War Mongering, Anti-ISIS Ads (video)

Jeb Bush and other Republican presidential candidates are following the lead of big money GOP political action committees (PAC). They’ve unleashed a torrent of campaign ads capitalizing on the Paris terror attacks. Will war mongering and anti-ISIS sentiment work? The ads all play off the theme of “leadership” and attack President Obama’s handling of the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. While the ads feature GOP candidates, they are being bankrolled by big-money super PACs....

Donald Trump Lampooned by Latino Comedy Troupe: I Ain’t Voting for You!

Donald Trump vows to win the Latino vote if he wins the Republican nomination for president, but not if a Latino comedy troupe has its way. It released a video today (Aug. 27) lampooning the presidential hopeful for his outrageous comments about Mexico and immigration. Trump caused an uproar when he pronounced during his kickoff speech that illegal immigrants are “bringing drugs … they’re bringing crime … they’re rapists.”...
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