Prince Cause of Death

Prince Death Tied to Prescriptions; Will Feelgood Docs Face Charges?

Prince’s death is being attributed to a prescription drug overdose in a report today, which comes as no surprise. The unanswered question is whether the feelgood doctors who prescribed them will be prosecuted for contributing to the renowned singer’s death. IM reported in April that Prince appeared to have spent his final days self-medicating with copious amounts of Percocet, a drug prescribed for pain....

Prince’s Final Days: Death Points to Drugs, Exhaustion, Cardiac Arrest

Prince appears to have spent his final days wracked by pain from damaged hips. Determined to go on with his performances, he self-medicated with copious amounts of Percocet, a drug prescribed for pain, but not inflammation at the root of suffering. In the end, his body just gave out. The widely admired singer collapsed and died in an elevator at his sprawling Paisley Park home and studio on Thursday, April 21....
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