Prince Harry partying

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New Details Emerge About Prince Harry's Nude Vegas Romp

Prince Harry was ready for just about anything at his blowout Las Vegas party and was all for a game of strip pool when a friend suggest it. In fact, he was the first one naked as more than 25 people looked on in amazement. In two photos published from the party, Harry can be seen standing in front of a naked girl as she cowers behind him and behind her with his arms wrapped around her....
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Prince Harry Debuts in Buff (Again) in UK Tabloid; Royals Dissed

Prince Harry’s duff has now become a symbol of press freedom in Great Britain. The tabloid Sun newspaper published two photos of the randy lad from his Las Vegas strip billiards game, even though the royal family had threatened to sue. The paper was quick to point out that it was not making any “moral judgments” about Harry’s nude frolic with girls in a Las Vegas hotel. “Far from it. He often sails close to the wind for a Royal — but he’s 27, single and a soldier. We like him,” the newspaper wrote in an editorial preface to the story....
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UK Tabloid Defies Ban on Prince Harry Naked Vegas Photos

Prince Harry’s naked romp with a fetching girl during a party in his Las Vegas suite will see the light of day in Great Britain after all. Despite threats of legal action by Prince Charles, London tabloid The Sun will print the photo in Friday’s edition. David Dinsmore, The Sun’s managing editor, said the decision wasn’t an easy one, but came down to a matter of freedom of the press. The photos are available worldwid through U.S. gossip site TMZ and other U.S. Web sites....
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Olympian Ryan Lochte Spills on Night With Prince Harry (watch)

Olympian Ryan Lochte missed out on Prince Harry’s strip scene at his swinging Vegas party, but he did hang out with the randy member of the British royal family at a pool party. So what’s Harry really like? The night started calmly enough when he dropped in on a pool party. Just so happens Prince Harry was there. “We were at the same pool party,” the Olympic swimmer to Matt Lauer on the “Today Show.” ...
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Randy Prince Harry, Woman Photographed Naked in Vegas

Prince Harry needs to be clued in about cell phone cameras. The randy royal was photographed naked alongside a naked woman in a room full of revelers during an all-night bender in Las Vegas. They photos made their way online today. Memo to Harry: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is just a marketing slogan. It's not really true, especially when you are a heartbeat away from the throne of England....