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Kate Middleton's Washboard Abs Stun at Charity Event (photos) 2

Kate Middleton’s Washboard Abs Stun at Charity Event (photos)

Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, stunned onlookers today when her blouse flew up at a sports charity volleyball event and revealed her absolutely flat washboard stomach only three months after giving birth to her first child. Prince George was born on July 12 and like all expectant mothers, Kate piled on pregnancy weight....
Katie Couric: It's War! Lands Wills, Harry Interview (watch!) 6

Katie Couric: It’s War! Lands Wills, Harry Interview (watch!)

Katie Couric has proved her media clout by landing an interview with Prince William and Prince Harry, who provide a rare inside look at the closely guarded Queen of England. The interview, timed to coincide with the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, is a major thumb-of-the-nose at her old network, NBC, the last television news outlet to snag a royal interview, and CBS....