Scott Disick Not About to Stray Too Far From Kardashian Money Train

Scott Disick “dramatic” breakup with long-time partner Kourtney Kardashian is reaping tons of tabloid coverage, even from sites that should know better. But he’s hardly leaving the family business in his much hyped breakup. TheImproper reported July 7 that the breakup was largely manufactured to create a story line for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The tabloid press, even supposedly reputable sites, has been playing right along to milk the drama for all the pageviews it’s worth....

Bruce Jenner Confirms IM Report: Will Have Full Gender Sex Change Surgery

Bruce Jenner revealed on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” last night (May 18) he plans full gender reassignment to become a woman, confirming an exclusive IM report in January that his transition would include surgery to remove his penis and testicles and create a fully functioning vagina. Kim Kardashian West, 34, put the question to her step-dad during the episode. She asked if he was dedicated to becoming a full woman....

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Evokes Beheading, Castration to Slam Atheism

Phil Robertson, the hellfire and brimstone patriarch of the hit reality show “Duck Dynasty,” is preaching more damnation in a disturbing speech using rape and decapitation to explain the difference between god fearing folk and atheists. Robertson caused an uproar in Dec. 2013 after a video surfaced in which he made extreme anti-gay remarks. He was briefly suspended from his Bravo show, but the network quickly relented under pressure from the show’s fans. In another speech, he blasts America for engaging in “gross sexual impropriety.”...
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Kim Kardashian New Sex Tape Photos Surface: Is It Her?

Kim Kardashian, or someone who looks remarkably like her, has surfaced in a series of photos that reportedly come from a new sex tape. She launched her career with one in 2007. Could this be an attempt to do the same? Kim was a nobody when she made the sex tape with then boyfriend, hip-hop singer Ray J. In February 2007, it suddenly leaked onto the Internet, and Kim became an overnight sensation....

Robert Pattinson: Kim Kardashian a Modern Bel Ami (photos)

Robert Pattinson could really see himself as a journalist. After playing one in his latest film "Bel Ami," he says he kind of likes the idea, especially when it comes to gossip. But his character is more like a 19th century reality TV star. As one of the most gossiped about stars in Hollywood, thanks to his secretive relationship with Kristen Stewart and his role in "Twilight," it seems like an odd observation. But he sees intriguing parallels with today....

Sarah Palin Thinks Childhood Obesity Is Funny; Brings Cookies for Kids

Reality TV star Sarah Palin wants school children to eat as many cookies as they want in their classrooms -- health consequences be damned. On Nov. 9, 2010, Palin, a mother of five, brought 200 sugar cookies to a school fundraiser in Plumsteadville, Pa., where she gave a speech protesting the Pennsylvania State Board of Education's proposed plan to limit sweets in classroom parties....
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