Anthony Weiner's Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already 2

Anthony Weiner’s Megalomania Is So Uncool; Enough Already

Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal has provided some dicey diversion during an uneventful New York City summer, keeping gossip mills churning from Hamptons’ beaches to Katz’s deli. But really, enough is enough. Megalomania is so uncool. The pol doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Under different circumstances that might be a good thing. But not when it stems from a psychopathological disorder....
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Emma Watson Calls Kristen Stewart Affair a Mistake (photos!)

Emma Watson, despite some reports, isn't defending Kristen Stewart’s behavior in the new Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine. To the contrary, she calls it a mistake. But she thinks the tabloids picked on her unmercifully over it. Stewart, 22, caused an uproar last summer when she was photographed in the arms of “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders....
Taylor Swift Rocks New Year; Heading for Crash in 2013? (watch!) 10

Taylor Swift Rocks New Year; Heading for Crash in 2013? (watch!)

Taylor Swift had it all on New Year’s Eve. She rocked out on television, then jumped into the arms of her latest boyfriend, One Direction Brit boy band member Harry Styles. But she's sure to face some disappointments in the coming year. Will it be her career? Her relationship? Maybe both. It’s probably safe to say at 23, she has nowhere to go but down. But there’s more to it than that....