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Donald Trump Becoming 'Massacre President' in Wake of Mass Shootings 2

Donald Trump Becoming ‘Massacre President’ in Wake of Mass Shootings

Donald Trump is fast becoming the “massacre president.” The number citizens killed or wounded in mass shootings is skyrocketing under his administration and putting it on a pace to become on of the bloodiest in modern political history. Trump’s latest reaction to the mass shooting at a Texas church suggests he has no plans to take any steps to address the problem....
Colbert Dissects GOP Health Care Bill: Woopee, We're All Gonna Die! (Watch!) 4

Colbert Dissects GOP Health Care Bill: Woopee, We’re All Gonna Die! (Watch!)

Stephen Colbert once again trumped television news shows with a cogent analysis of the new Republican Health Care bill. President Trump is refusing to lend his name to the measure, so-called TrumpCare, because, well, it’s just that bad. Trump may be crazy, but he’s no fool. Both Republicans and Democrats pronounced the measure Dead on Arrival (DOA) in Congress, if for different reasons....