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Rihanna Now Faces Backlash Over Racy 'Pour It Up' Video (watch!) 2

Rihanna Now Faces Backlash Over Racy ‘Pour It Up’ Video (watch!)

Rihanna has more in common with Miley Cyrus than she may think. The Barbadian singer’s latest video for her song “Pour It Up” is sparking a backlash on social media over its “obscene,” “vile” and “pornographic.” Miley was similarly criticized. The Barbadian seductress gets nasty with a stripper pole, twerks like no one else and does it all in tiny hot pants and a jewel encrusted bra that could be easily mistaken for a pasties....
Rihanna Still the Twerk Queen in New 'Pour it Up' Video (watch!) 4

Rihanna Still the Twerk Queen in New ‘Pour it Up’ Video (watch!)

Rihanna makes sure everyone knows… ahem hello Miley Cyrus… she’s still the queen of twerk in her new video for her song “Pour it Up.” She pops more risqué moves than a burlesque chorus line and wears even fewer clothes. The R&B singer was the undisputed champion of unbridled sexuality, until Miley did…things… with her foam finger on the MTV Video Music Awards....
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Rihanna Definitive Word on Chris Brown: So Are They Dating?

Rihanna added another chapter to her long-running melodrama with Chris Brown. She called him “dope” but confirmed that they are not dating in a new interview on Bravo. What about all the hype? Ever since her August interview with Oprah Winfrey, tabloids have been filled with exhaustive speculation about the status of their relationship. But she made clear to Bravo’s Andy Cohen that they are “not together,” although she laughed: “He’s dope too. He’s kinda alright.”...