Robert Kennedy Jr divorce

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Bobby Kennedy Jr. Final Indignity: To Marry Actress Cheryl Hines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who battered his wife in a vicious divorce until she hung herself in desperation, is reportedly moving ahead with plans to marry actress Cheryl Hines, possibly as early as this coming Spring, according to a new report. Mary Richardson Kennedy, his wife of 14-years and mother of four of his children, hung herself in May...

Kerry Kennedy Arrested for DUI on Tiger Woods Sex Drug

Kerry Kennedy, sister of Robert F. Kennedy Jr was arrested in upstate New York this morning and charged with driving under the influence of drugs after she crashed into a semi-tractor trailer, according to reports. Kennedy told the police she had taken a ambien, a powerful prescription sleeping pill that can cause hallucinations. Kennedy was charged with driving while impaired by drugs, according to the police....
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Mary Kennedy Toxicology Details Shed New Light on Suicide

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s wife Mary Richardson Kennedy was clear-headed and sober when she decided to take her own life on May 16, contrary to assertions that she was abusing drugs and alcohol. The 52-year-old mother of four hanged herself in a barn on the family estate in New York amid a bitter divorce battle with her husband...