Robert Pattinson interview

Robert Pattinson, The Actor, Hates Robert Pattinson, The Celebrity

Robert Pattinson comes off as slightly schizophrenic and a little paranoid in a new interview with the Sunday Times of London and who can blame him? Even he can’t stand himself, at least, the celebrity side of his life adored by so many “Twilight” fans. The vampire saga that made him a household name ended nearly five years ago, but he still can’t escape the character, or the fame. He really only desires one thing: credibility as an actor, the one thing “Twilight” couldn’t give him....

Robert Pattinson Fears He’ll Be Like Leonardo DiCaprio After ‘Titanic’

Robert Pattinson fears he may end up like Leonardo DiCaprio now that the long-running “Twilight” saga has come to an end. It’s something he’s prepared to live with, although he now sees his career moving in a different direction. But he also acknowledged that he will never be able to fully escape the film saga. “I’m curious to see. I remember when I was doing [New Moon], I was thinking it was going to be ten years before it kind of settles....
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Robert Pattinson Finally Reveals His Inspiration for Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson spent four years as vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga, and in keeping with the book, redefined the way vampires are viewed and played in films. But before “Twilight” he didn’t have a clue about vampires. So where did he turn for inspiration? Would you believe a 1979 West German vampire horror film written and directed by Werner Herzog? It starred Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani and Bruno Ganz....
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Robert Pattinson Set to Talk on TV; Is Kristen Stewart on Agenda?

Robert Pattinson will come out of hiding for the first time since Kristen Stewart’s sex scandal… whether he likes it or not. He’s set to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to talk about upcoming film “Cosmopolis.” Will he talk Kristen? Don’t bet on it. Rob has been extremely private about his personal affairs ever since “Twilight” launched him into the stratosphere....
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Robert Pattinson Talks Star Crushes, What Turns Him On

Robert Pattinson has tipped his hand on the what gets his libido pumping. He talks about his favorite part of the female anatomy and the women he had crushes on as a teen before he became famous. If you're looking for the key to capture his attention, the "Twilight" hunk revealed all in a new interview with the Brazil edition of Elle magazine....
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