Rolling Stones

Kristen Stewart Rebels for the Hell of It in New Rolling Stones Video (see!)

Kristen Stewart is wild and reckless in a new video for the Rolling Stones’ “Ride ‘Em On Down,” from their new album Blue & Lonesome. The Stones are at their best as a blues band, and Stewart doesn’t look too bad either as a rebel without a cause. The former “Twilight” star, who still may be dating Robert Pattinson, according to the endless cycle of fake tabloid news, tears it up on deserted L.A. streets....

Donald Trump, Law & Order Candidate, Steals 7 Songs for GOP Convention

Donald Trump’s triumphant entry into the Republican National Convention could end not with a bang, but a trail of lawsuits. Trump and the GOP pirated at least seven classic rock songs during the Convention, infuriating the artists who own the rights to them. British rock band Queen, ’70s R&B band Earth, Wind & Fire and ’60s English rock group The Turtles have all complained about the Trump campaign’s unauthorized use of their music during the four-day convention....

L’Wren Scott Seemed On Top of the World: What Happened?

L’Wren Scott a designer and high-profile girlfriend of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, seemed from all outward appearances to be on top of the world until her apparent suicide today (Mar. 17) in New York City. Her death shocked those who knew her. Scott, 49, exhibited no known outward signs that she was under the kind of stress that would drive her to take her own life and no note has been found yet, according to police....

Miley Cyrus VMA Critics: 10 Reasons Why They’re Off-Base

Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV Music Video Awards continues to generate fearsome reaction from nearly every quarter, ranging from the mainstream media to egg-head publications and, of course, the blogosphere. Most of it has been negative and most of it equally way off-base. Here are ten principal arguments critics are using to lambaste the 20-year old singer and why they are all mostly ridiculous....

Amber Holcomb Lifts American Idol on Dismal Rock Night (watch)

Chris Daughtry proved way back in season five that “American Idol” was never about rock. The show is about finding the next “pop” idol, yet for some reason it forced its seven saccharin finalists to be something they definitely are not–rock stars. Hence, last night’s “rock” performances were well-worn tunes from Queen, Billy Joel, Heart and Janice Joplin. ...

Lady Gaga Like a Rolling Stone Backstage at Concert (9 photos!)

Lady Gaga was all over Mick Jagger and the boys for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary concert in New York and photographer Terry Anderson was all over her, literally and figuratively. He came up with some iconic backstage shots that captured the essence of the event. Gaga was joined by Bruce Springsteen, singer/songwriter John Mayer, The Black Keys and guitar virtuoso Gary Clark Jr., all of whom jam with the Stones....

Noomi Rapace Stars in Riotous New Rolling Stones Video (watch!)

Noomi Rapace, who recently starred in the Sci-Fi thriller “Prometheus,” is the center of attention in a new video for the Rolling Stones’ first studio single in seven years. It’s a riotous four minutes of mayhem for the song “Doom and Gloom.” Rapace, who also starred in the Swedish version of “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” plays out several roles in step with the tune’s lyrics. The Stones are one of the few bands to address today’s headlines in a song. “Doom and Gloom” touches on everything from war and financial collapse to environmental concerns, such as the controversial practice of “fracking”...

Rolling Stones Rip New Song ‘Doom and Gloom’ From News (listen)

The Rolling Stones have been watching the news a little too much lately. They released a new song over the BBC this morning titled “Doom and Gloom.” The lyrics are ripped from the headlines. So what’s the Stone’s solution? In a word “dance.” The song is the first single from the band’s new album GRRR! Greatest Hits. It will be released in advance of their upcoming tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band. The band has hinted it could be their last together. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in Paris recording the album. ...
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Mick Jagger Had Sex With 4,000 Women, Including…Who!?

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger was married to Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger for almost 20 years combined, but still brags that he bedded more than 4,000 women, including a bevy of superstar actresses. Along the way, he had seven children by four women. No wonder Justin Bieber wants to break up with Selena Gomez while he’s on tour. He wants to get started on Mick’s record....
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