Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski Faces New Polish Extradition Threat for U.S. Sex Crime

Roman Polanski, who fled the United States 39 years ago following a child sex conviction, may still face justice in a U.S. court if he sets foot in Poland. His home country will no longer be a safe haven under the country’s new conservative government. Polanski, who is now 82, met with Samantha Geimer, an aspiring 13-year-old actress in 1977 for a purported photo session at actor Jack Nicholson’s house. Nicholson was not home at the time....

Woody Allen Drools Over Miley Cyrus, Sends Creep-o-Meters Soaring

Woody Allen continues to get a free ride in Hollywood despite compelling evidence he molested his then seven year old step-daughter Dylan Farrow when he was 57 years old. Of course that was just before he started hitting on Soon-Yi Previn. She was just 19. Now that Allen is 80 he’s still drooling after kids. In a fawning new interview in The Hollywood Reporter (which should know better, well maybe not), Allen goes on about Miley Cyrus, who is all of 23. She’s a nymphet if there ever was one. But that’s just his type. ...
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