Ronald Reagan

Cynthia Nixon for New York Governor: Thanks, But No Thanks (Video)

Cynthia Nixon, the former “Sex and the City” star, has officially declared she’s running for New York Governor in the Democratic primary against two-term incumbent Andrew Cuomo, even though she has no administrative or elective experience. Thanks, but no thanks. Nixon’s biggest qualification for office is her name recognition. Like most celebrities, it’s high, and mostly favorable. But the problem with celebrity is that it’s often inextricably linked to self-entitlement, self-absorption and not a little self-delusion....

Nancy Reagan, Actress, First Lady, Wife of Ronald Reagan, Dies at 94

Nancy Reagan, who was born to a car salesman father and actress mother, established her own career in Hollywood and went on to become First Lady of the United States as wife of President Ronald Reagan, had died at her Bel Air home, after a long period of failing health. She was 94. Through her mother’s connections, which included Zasu Pitts, Walter Huston and Spencer Tracy, she began he acting career. She married Ronald Reagan in 1952....

Tom Clancy, Best-Selling Author of Spy Novels, Dies Suddenly at 66

Tom Clancy, whose books, such as “The Hunt for Red October” and “Patriot Games,” heralded the supremacy of the United States military and its use of high-tech weaponry, has died after a brief illness. He was 66. Clancy who abandoned a dead-end job as an insurance salesman to try his hand at writing novels with no formal training, soared to the top of the best seller lists with his first book in 1984 about a rogue Russian submarine commander. ...

Elizabeth Taylor Shocker: Sex With JFK and Ronald Reagan

Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, reportedly led a promiscuous private life, despite seven husbands. She allegedly bedded John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, both of whom went on to become presidents of the United States, according to a shocking new tell-all book. Authors Danforth Prince and Darwin Potter claim they spent years tracking down rumors about the “Cleopatra” star’s steamy romances. She also reportedly had affairs with Peter Lawford, who went on to marry JFK’s sister Patricia Kennedy, Errol Flynn, Tony Curtis, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra....
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Tom Hanks Adds Hollywood Gravitas to Obama Video (watch!)

Tom Hanks’ solemn voice leads off President Obama’s slick Hollywood produced video touting the accomplishments of his last four years in office. No wonder conservatives are crying foul at Hollywood. Now the full video has been released. Hanks, who has become a symbol of America’s virtue and patriotism after appearing in the 1998 film “Saving Private Ryan,” throws the full force of his personality behind the Obama re-election campaign....
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