Kristen Stewart Finally Comes to Terms With Twilight Movie Saga (Watch!) 2

Kristen Stewart Finally Comes to Terms With Twilight Movie Saga (Watch!)

Kristen Stewart has finally come to terms with her breakout role in the “Twilight” film series, five years after the last of five films, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” was released. It was a watershed moment in more ways than one. The 27-year-old actress starred as Bella Swan, an awkward high school student who falls in love with a mysterious outsider. Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen was a lovelorn, but enlightened vampire, who fights against his vampire coven over his taboo love....
Robert Pattinson Dances Like Nobody's Watchin' at Drake Concert (see!) 4

Robert Pattinson Dances Like Nobody’s Watchin’ at Drake Concert (see!)

Robert Pattinson busted out his white guy dance moves during Drake’s concert at the Coachella Music Festival while a knowing fan caught the action on her cell phone. Rob dances like nobody’s watching… except everyone. The cool thing was he was standing in the crowd with his girlfriend (fiancee?) FKA Twigs, aka Tahliah Barnett. The only problem is Twigs is a professional dancer and performance artist and she appears a little uncomfortable with Rob’s herky-jerky dance moves....
Robert Pattinson: Twilight Has Its Annoying Downsides 6

Robert Pattinson: Twilight Has Its Annoying Downsides

Robert Pattinson is annoyed about some aspects of his “Twilight” experience, even though it has vaulted him to international fame and opened a lot of doors in Hollywood. For example, he could do without “RPatz.” What else? The 26-year-old actor opened up to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in is first interview in Australia, where he arrived yesterday to begin promoting the final film in the “Twilight” saga, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” “When you first sign on to something when you were nobody, you feel like everything’s totally out of control,” he said told the newspaper. “Once you’ve experienced it once, you realize how to have a little bit more control over it.”...